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Membership and Structure Task Force
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Membership and Structure
Task Force Mission



President: Brian Medina
Co-Chairs: Sean Killion, Crystal Lopez, Jacklyn Gentile

 Members: Grace Reynolds, Lynn Riker, Brandon Chandler, Stewart RobinetteAnthony Florendo, Nicole O’Connell, Kenneth LastowkaDerek Smith, Anette Melendez, and Tia Howard


2016 By-Laws - Proposed Amendments

Report of Findings and Recommendations



 One of the primary pillars of MACUHO has been the strength of its engaged membership. From conferences to committee work, phone calls to emails, MACUHO comprises a membership that has connected with one another diligently over many years.

 Recruiting and engaging members within MACUHO have been transformed by the advances in technology and economic pressures that may limit travel or conference attendance. In order to become ‘active recruiters’ of engaged members, MACUHO leaders may need to adapt strategies and methods for communication, necessitating more intentional outreach in order to support vibrant involvement in a wide array of leadership opportunities.

In particular, Regional Coordinators and the Recruitment and Retention Co-Chairs have a distinctive role in advancing MACUHO’s member engagement. As these leaders assist their local or regional populations, further clarity and support will be essential to ensure their success.  It may also be advantageous to review the regional map or other guidelines that partition the Mid-Atlantic region, rather than relying on age-old boundaries that may be less practical for members to network with one another. Furthermore, staple local conferences such as NJ CORE and the Philly Exchange can be better assessed and resourced for their long term development.

 During the 2011 Annual Conference, the members of MACUHO voted to approve changes to the association structure. In the subsequent 4-5 years, MACUHO has implemented these changes and would be benefited by a review of how these changes have impacted the leadership and membership. There have also been several Ad Hoc changes (MAPC Chair, Social Media toward Marketing Coordinator, others) that might benefit official review and recommendations for permanent inclusion in MACUHO’s Constitution and By Laws.


Charge: The Membership and Structure Task Force will review and make recommendations related toward: Leadership Recruitment and Engagement, Local/Regional Engagement, and Association Structure Review.


Proposed Timeline:


  • Review history of MACUHO, including 2011 structure change and Executive Board/Leadership Council roles over the last 15-20 years, and reflect upon MACUHO’s Strategic Plan for how this task force finds itself in our ‘Big Picture’
  • Subdivide task force into 3 parts: Leadership Recruitment and Engagement, Local/Regional Engagement, and Association Structure Review


  • Solicit Past President, former E-board/Leadership Council, and current Leadership feedback for the subgroup function areas
  • Gather information from other regions to compare and contrast MACUHO’s membership outreach strategies, Regional Coordinator and Recruitment & Retention (or equivalent) roles and responsibilities, and Regional Association Structures (updated since 2011)
  • Prepare brief update for February Meeting (February 8th-9th)


  • Draft recommendations for: new strategies for leader recruitment and engagement, localized drive-in opportunities, RC and R&R co-chair clarified responsibilities, augmented Regional Map, and Constitution/By Laws amendments


  • Prepare thorough update for Summer Summit (June 16th-17th)
  • Collect input from Leadership Council and Executive Board for next draft


  • Review and edit draft(s) with current Executive Board Officers input
  • Present small update during ACUHO-I Regional Presidents Meeting (July 9th)


  • Publish final draft on MACUHO website for membership review


  • Task Force Report presented during the Business Meeting on November 8th, 2016
  • Membership vote(s) to accept, edit, or decline recommended changes




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