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Conferences and Professional Development Task Force
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Conferences and
Professional Development
Task Force Mission


President: Brian Medina
Co-Chairs: Pete Galloway and Debbie Scheibler

Members: Dana Severance, Jenn Thorpe, Ashley Shaw, Jen Liberato, Natalie Liston, Jordan Toy, Carl Archut, Christopher Willis, Zaw Win, David Steubing, and Joshua Hartman


Final Report to the Membership



MACUHO prides itself with having excellent conferences year after year. While the most notable conference has always been the Annual Conference, other conferences such as the Student Staff Live-In Conference (SSLI), the Mid-Atlantic Placement Conference (MAPC), NJ CORE, and the Philly Exchange have all continued to grow and improve for the members of MACUHO.

In 2004, a Task Force was convened to review MACUHO’s conferences, making recommendations for future host committees and toward strategic planning. Now, 10 years later, it is due time to assess where we currently stand and how our conferences can continue to meet the needs of the membership.

One of the ongoing conversations related to conferences is that of planning ahead more than just the next conference. While MACUHO leadership often finds itself with only 1 bid for an Annual Conference, more intentional solicitation and securing of host sites may provide planning to be projected out 2-3 years.

MACUHO has also been financially stable for many years, exemplifying that despite having no membership dues, there are effective ways to maintain our financial health and augment our corporate partnerships in the process. A cursory review of our finances, focused on conferences and their funding, can assist future MACUHO leaders to best allocate resources effectively. This may prompt a more thorough Finance Task Force in years to come with recent data to evaluate.

Finally, the advancements of technology have readily shown the capability and innovation of our leaders to provide free or low-cost opportunities for professional development. Whether in support of ongoing research or by providing forums or webinars, MACUHO can demonstrate its ability to serve members in new and meaningful ways, without the cost of travel.


Charge: The Conferences and Professional Development Task Force will review and make recommendations related toward: Conference Best Practices, Conference Finances, and Affordable Development Opportunities.


Proposed Timeline:


  • Review history of MACUHO, including 2004 Conference Task Force, ACUHO-I Strategic Plan, and MACUHO’s Strategic Plan for how this task force finds itself in our ‘Big Picture’
  • Subdivide task force into 3 parts: Conference Best Practices, Conference Finances, and Affordable Development Opportunities
  • Observe the Annual Conference bid process for 2017 and beyond


  • Solicit Past President, former E-board/Leadership Council, and current Leadership feedback for the subgroup function areas
  • Research locations in the Mid-Atlantic that can meet the needs of future Annual Conferences and for MAPC as conference attendance grows
  • Gather information from other regions to compare and contrast MACUHO’s conferences to other regional conferences, financial and operational management, and the use of technology for webinars and shared resources
  • Continue to observe the Annual Conference bid process in advance of the February Meeting (February 8th-9th)
  • Prepare brief update for February Meeting


  • Draft recommendations for: bid packet revisions for conferences (Annual Conference, SSLI, NJ Core, Philly Exchange), MAPC relocation opportunities, operational calendar amendments, Corporate Partner Program fund reallocation, webinar/online forum strategy and implementation, and leadership training improvements


  • Prepare thorough update for Summer Summit (June 16th-17th)
  • Collect input from Leadership Council and Executive Board for next draft


  • Review and edit draft(s) with current Executive Board Officers input
  • Present small update during ACUHO-I Regional Presidents Meeting (July 9th)


  • Publish final draft on MACUHO website for membership review


  • Task Force Report presented during the Business Meeting on November 8th, 2016
  • Membership vote(s) to accept, edit, or decline recommended changes (if applicable)



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