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Executive Board Elections 2020
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Executive Board Election Slate 2020

Vice President/President-Elect


Candidate: Misty Denham-Barrett (she/her/hers), American University

MACUHO has been my “professional” home since I was an RA in undergrad. I remember going to my first Student Staff Live-In Conference and being able to tell that MACUHO was a place for learning and growth…a place for family. Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to serve this family in new ways as a part of both the Leadership Council as well as the Executive Board. In that time, I’ve both seen it succeed and seen it stumble. Both are incredibly important in the growth of the association and its membership as we continue to refine our mission and vision. As the Director of Membership Development for the last two years, my focus has been on reenforcing that MACUHO is much more than an annual conference. MACUHO is a robust association with year-long opportunities for engagement, connection, and professional development. As VP/President Elect, I hope to continue to drive that mission forward while working towards an anti-racist infrastructure that ensures all our members are lifted into the light. I hope to do this by working with our members and our leadership to develop a comprehensive strategy of both immediate action with demonstrated impact designed to ensure our associations commitment as well as a framework of accountability with steps that move us towards the horizon. During some of the most uncertain times for our profession, my goal is to position MACUHO (both financially and developmentally) as a steadfast, professional home for all members. 

Current Position: Associate Director of Residence Life at American University in Washington, D.C.

Previous Job Positions

  • Residence Life Coordinator, Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ
  • Residence Coordinator, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Graduate Hall Director, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ 
Professional Development and Other Achievements:
  • Recipient, Professional Staff Member of the Year awarded by NRHH, Rutgers, 2016, 2019
  • Recipient, Region's Best Presentation, MACUHO Annual Conference, 2018
  • Keynote, Phenomenal Women's Brunch, Rutgers University New Brunswick, 2018
  • Participant, National Housing Training Institute, ACUHO-I, 2017 
  • Recipient, MLK Professional Staff Excellence in Service Award by Busch Campus, Rutgers, 2017
  • Recipient, Outstanding Campus Partner, La Salle, 2015
  • Recipient, The Jonah Award by La Salle University’s Resident Student Association, 2014
  • Recipient, FreshMaker Award by Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals-ACPA, Fall 2013

Professional Association Experiences & Leadership Opportunities:

  • Director of Membership Development, MACUHO Executive Board, October 2018-present
  • Staff Senator, Rutgers University Faculty Staff Senate, April 2017-May 2019
  • Committee Member, Rutgers University Senate Budget & Finance Committee. 2017-May 2019
  • New Jersey Regional Coordinator, Leadership Council, MACUHO, January 2017- October 2018
  • Committee Member, Recognition & Connections Committee, MACUHO 2015-2018
  • Co-Chair, Planning Team, Excellence in Student Affairs Regional Conference Hosted by Rutgers University-New Brunswick, December 2016-January 2017
  • Staff Partner, Rutgers University Alternative Breaks, Rutgers University, 2017, 2018
  • Student Projects Coordinator, Regional Programming Committee, National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Mid Atlantic, 2015


Candidate: Genicka Voltaire (she/her/hers), Montclair State University

In the position of Vice President/President Elect, I will continue in my dedication to building a positive experience for all members. MACUHO is a place of growth and professional development for all and it is important to enforce and build upon the connections that we have built. Consistently following up with our delegation to find out why they are involved and why they are staying keeps them invested and our delegation growing. There is always room for another opportunity or for someone to do a different project. As part of the implementation team that worked to create our current structure, I can also be of value to continue to help our newly defined positions grow and excel. I am excited for the opportunity to serve MACUHO in the Presidential role and help MACUHO continue to be a greatly sought out professional home.

Current Position: Assistant Director of Residence Life at Montclair State University

Previous Job Positions

·       Assistant Director of Residence Life, Montclair State University, August 2019 to Present

·       Community Director, Montclair State University, November 2013 to August 2019

·       Residence Life Coordinator, The Pennsylvania State University, August 2102-October 2013


MACUHO, October 2011-Present:


·       Program Committee, October 2012-Present

o   Program Co-Chair, November 2015-June 2017

·       Implementation Team, June 2018 – October 2018

·       Director of Annual Programs, June 2017-October 2018

·       Mid-Atlantic Placement Conference Committee, December 2016-October 2018

·       Interview Scheduling Chair, December 2017-June 2017

·       Regional Entry-Level Institute (RELI), New York University May 2013



Candidate: Brandon Chandler (he/him/his), Temple University

Current Position: Associate Director of University Housing at Temple University


Brandon Chandler is a Higher Education professional with 20 years of experience working in Student Housing and Student Affairs. He currently serves as the Associate Director of University Housing at Temple University where he is responsible for building maintenance and operations functions. Prior to joining Temple in 2019 he was the Director of Housing & Residence Life at Rutgers University-Camden where he had spent all of his student and professional career. Brandon has extensive experience in overall student housing management, assignments and billing, maintenance and operations, project management, budgeting, student conduct, residential life programming, staff training and development, and many other areas core to a seasoned Student Affairs practitioner.

Brandon graduated from Rutgers University-Camden with a degree in biology, and is wrapping up his MBA at Temple’s Fox School of Business. Brandon’s next step academically will depend upon a decision to obtain a DBA or JD on his way to hopefully become a university CFO or COO.

Brandon is involved in regional and national organizations and has presented at a number of conferences. Brandon currently serves on the executive board of the Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers as its Treasurer. Brandon also co-owns a private medical practice and consulting business with his wife in southern New Jersey.

Brandon is married and has three children, ages 11, 9, and 7. For fun, Brandon loves to be at the beach, plays golf, and is a car enthusiast.


Statement for VP/President Elect

I am humbled to accept the nomination to be MACUHO’s next Vice President-President Elect, and sincerely thank those that thought I would make a good leader and took the time to think of me. Since my first introduction to MACUHO back in 2004-2005, MACUHO has become my professional home, and a source of information, events, and networking that I have valued greatly. MACUHO has provided me with career advancement, personal growth, and colleagues and friendships that will likely last the rest of my life. I will be forever in the debt of Linda Diaz and Larry Perez who as the regional coordinators at that time literally pushed me into the association and got me involved.

As MACUHO’s Vice President-President Elect you can expect me to be an experienced and dedicated leader. I have seen the association grow and evolve over the last fifteen years, have been friend and counsel to many of MACUHO’s current and past leaders, and am well aware of the association’s current and future challenges given my current role as MACUHO Treasurer. I will bring my calm and deliberative approach to the role, and will do my very best to make decisions and choices that are always in the best interest to both the history of MACUHO and its future.

I would love to lay out a grand vision with bullet points and action items for what I would do as MACUHO President, but I honestly know that MACUHO, the institutions that fall within its geography, and its individual members and participants need time to learn, analyze, cope and heal from what the pandemic, social and societal issues, and all of the other impacts the last weeks and months have done to us and our field. To top it all off we have all had different experiences and impacts, and even as I type this statement some of you have been laid off, furloughed, are recovering from COVID, or fear for your personal safety because of racial threats. My true hope for my time in the presidential three-year cycle is to help guide us all to be better student affairs administrators that are more ready for the next phases and challenges that our country and higher education will bring us. It is my vision that work MACUHO will undertake during my tenure as President, if so elected, we will inspire our younger colleagues to be more ready for future leadership roles, and we will help motivate and provide room for growth for more seasoned leaders who need to be better or different leaders for those they are leading.

As experience and preparation, I have held many formal and informal roles in MACUHO including Treasurer 2019-present, Financial Advisory Board Chair 2017-2019, Finance Task Force 2016-2017, NJ Regional Coordinator 2006-2008, Annual Conference Co-Chair 2009, and member of the Diversity Committee and Housing Facility Operations Committee. I attended the Chief Housing Officer Institute offered by ACUHO-I in 2014 and was awarded the MACUHO Excellence in Operations Award in 2016. I speak all of the housing and residence life “languages” that we each functionally work within every day, and I have worked for a small campus and a large university. I am also an active member of ACUHO-I, NACUBO, APPA, and NASPA to round out my professional experience and development.

I have avoided the calls to run for this role in the past, but this time is different as I feel I truly have something I can offer to MACUHO and all of its members. I look forward to continuing to serve the association and leading it with the rest of the executive board and leadership council with your support.



Candidate: Jackie Cetera (she/her/hers), Bucknell University

Current Position: Director of Residential Education at Bucknell University


Jackie Cetera currently serves as Director of Residential Education at Bucknell University. Having been involved with MACUHO since 2008, Jackie has had a dedicated career in higher education, spanning 15 years. 

Completing her undergraduate work at the University of North Florida and her masters in College Student Development from Appalachian State University, Jackie brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to the field. She has served in multiple capacities within Housing and Residential Life from several institutions, varying from Hall Director at Seton Hall University, Residence Life Coordinator for Rutgers University, and prior to her most recent appointment, Associate Director for Residential Education at Bucknell University.

Her passions include supervision, mentorship, and programming, specifically around the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion; fostering opportunities to engage students and staff in a meaningful and impactful way to increase awareness around issues of social justice and advocacy. 

Jackie's commitment to providing intentional and deliberate educational experiences for residential students goes beyond the institutional setting, but includes working collaboratively with community partners and others to broaden the scope of the work within our field. She is known for her authentic and transformative leadership development skills when working with her staff. Her ability to provide a positive, creative environment for staff, while taking advantage of teachable moments is unmatched. She has been recognized on both the regional and national level for her large scale programming initiatives. Outside of work, you can find Jackie spending time with her family and her dog, Angel. She also loves to travel, drink coffee, and if there is a good song playing - you may just see her on the nearest dance floor. 


Statement for VP/President Elect

It is an honor to have been nominated for the Vice President/President Elect position. I have been a part of MACUHO since 2008. The opportunities have been endless, and I am grateful for the networking, personal and professional relationships, and the professional development that have come out of being a part of this organization. I am passionate about our work, not only as student affairs professionals, but specifically our work within our residential communities.


The late Justice Ginsburg said: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” I believe in the power of connection. Now more than ever as an organization, there is an urgency to stay connected to one another; to come together, recognizing our fiscal and social crisis as a profession, and to share resources, mentorship, and much more. If elected, my vision would be centered on connectedness. I endeavor to create and implement initiatives to enhance opportunities and to utilize virtual landscapes to create a culture where our respective campus communities can engage in conversation, specifically around aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

This work can only be done by acknowledging the past efforts of the MACUHO leadership, as well as the goals outlined in the 2020-2025 MACUHO Strategic Plan. The opportunity to potentially serve in this role and execute this vision excites me. I thrive in environments where I can collaborate with colleagues to ignite positive change, enhancing experiences for all.


Relevant Experience

·       Director of Residential Education, Bucknell University (September 2016 – Present)     

·       Associate Director of Residential Education, Bucknell University (January 2016 – September 2016)               

·       Residence Life Coordinator, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (July 2011 – January 2016)                            

·       Residence Hall Director, Seton Hall University (June 2008 – July 2011)

·       ACUHO-I Intern, Seton Hall University (Summer 2007)

·       Retention Task Force, Bucknell University

o   Serve on a university committee to provide initial recommendations for actions and strategies to address issues identified that have the potential to increase retention

·       Women @ Bucknell, Bucknell University

o   Serve on a committee focused on working toward positive change in the Bucknell community, with an end goal of creating and presenting action items to the university’s leadership

·       Faculty and Staff Learning Series, Bucknell University

o   Participate in ongoing workshops designed to foster reflection and conversation about teaching and learning with faculty and staff colleagues

·       President's Sustainability Council, Bucknell University

o   Chair of the Outreach and Engagement sub-committee focusing on improving and enhancing sustainability efforts across campus

·       Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Learning Community, Bucknell University

o   Examine the state of relations between these two groups and the institutional factors that contribute to working at cross purpose, with the goal of constructing structural recommendations for work norms that can contribute to student engagement

·       Student Affairs Mentoring Program, Seton Hall University

o   Initiated and implemented program for 20 students interested in pursuing a career in higher education; Coordinated socials, meetings, educational workshops, panels, and discussions for participants and interview prep for the annual MAPC Conference



Candidate: Steven Radwanski, Ed.D. (he, him, his), Stockton University

I want to thank everyone for the hard work you are doing at your institutions and most importantly for your students.  As we have all learned this semester, we all have to be flexible.  As a profession, our ability to adapt is one of our greatest strengths.  I believe this is also the case for MACUHO.  We are at a critical juncture in MACUHO’s journey.  MACUHO has survived based upon the successful conferences we have attended and provided, however, that should not be our only form of revenue to support MACUHO.  

We must explore long term financial solutions to ensure MACUHO is on firm financial standing, and not living conference to conference.  One conference with low attendance could prohibit MACUHO from providing the professional development and comrade, we all need and crave.  We also must look to increase our corporate sponsorships and explore long term commitments to ensure the financial stability of MACUHO.   

MACUHO has served as home for all of us, and for those that came before us.  We must ensure that higher education and residential life professionals have a home long after we are gone.  It is our duty to make tough decisions to ensure that MACUHO comes out of this crisis stronger on the other side.  I am disappointed we will not be able to see each other at this year’s conference in person, but I hope to see you all virtually.  Be safe and stay well.   

Position Descriptions & Previous MACUHO Experience

·       Executive Director of Residential Life - Stockton University - 2016 to Present

·       Associate Director of Residential Life Operations - Stockton University - 2011-2016

·       RELI Faculty Member - 2019 - Boston

·       ACUHO-I Member

·       Attended the ACUHO-I Chief Housing Officer Institute - 2018 - Pittsburgh



Candidate: Raymond D. FeDora, III, Wilkes University

The MACUHO Treasurer position plays a significant role in the financial stability of this association. Navigating a pandemic has proven to us that we need to be nimble and financially solvent. MACUHO is in a decent financial position but what if another pandemic strikes and we are forced to cancel another in-person conference? We need to be thinking innovatively about our revenue sources moving forward. I have three goals for my tenure as Treasurer.

  • Increase Financial Transparency by giving monthly reports to the Executive Board on current budget spending and projections for the rest of the year. This would also translate into a bi-annual report for the association’s membership on the finances of the year. 
  • Standardize Event Budgeting by creating a budget template that all MACUHO events will use to ensure consistent goals are met across the board and all events are financially solvent. 
  • Diversify Revenue Streams by working with members of the Financial Advisory Board to identify new ways to bring in revenue to support the association’s many good works. We know that our business affiliates are being stretched thinner and called upon more often so we need to ensure our entire operating budget is not based on their generosity.

My experience as the Annual Conference Coordinator has prepared me to better understand the Association’s finances and project a healthy budget moving forward. I am excited about this opportunity to serve MACUHO in a new way. 


Director of Residence Life, Wilkes University

  • Responsible for housing and residence life day to day budget and operating expenses, setting a vision for department spending, and navigating budget challenges. 

Master’s of Business Administration Candidate, May 2022, Wilkes University

  • Pursuing an advanced degree in the area of business administration. Will be able to apply best practices in areas of budget and planning to the association. 

Annual Conference Coordinator, MACUHO, Nov. 2018 – present

  • Coordinated the largest even in MACUHO’s annual calendar. Responsible for setting attendance goals, navigating contract negotiation, and managing revenue over the course of the year. 


Leadership Experience:

Annual Conference Coordinator, MACUHO, Nov. 2018 – present

  • James Hurd Outstanding Service to the Association Award – Oct. 2019
  • Mid-Level Professional Award – Oct. 2018

James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute, ACUHO-I, June 2019

MACUHO Liaison to the Host Committee, Mar. 2018 – Oct. 2018

Vice President for Communication, CSPA-NYS, May 2016 – July 2017

  • Sourced and executed the integration of a new membership database program
  • Strategic Planning Task Force, June 2016 – June 2017

Annual Conference Planning Team, CSPA-NYS

  • Pre-Conference Chair, 2016
  • Logistics Chair, 2015
  • Graduate Student Pre-Conference, 2014


Candidate: Ryan Young (He, Him, His), Temple University

Greetings, MACUHO!  I am honored to have been nominated for consideration as your next Treasurer.  As a new member, I want to get involved and make more connections throughout the region.  Serving on the Executive Board would provide an excellent opportunity for this.  Although I am new to MACUHO as of October 2019, I was previously active in NEACUHO for over a decade.  My involvement allowed me to build a strong network, including connections with many MACUHO professionals through experiences such as RELI, NHTI, and ACUHO-I’s Annual Conference & Exposition.  During my time in NEACUHO I held various appointed and elected positions and became active with ACUHO-I as well.  My most relevant experiences include serving NEACUHO on the Strategic Plan Finance Task Force, as a member of the Finance Committee, and as Treasurer.  Through the related responsibilities, I gained a strong understanding of the complexities of managing the finances of a professional organization, and believe I can help bring a sense of organization, financial structure, and fiscal responsibility to the role.   Additionally, with MACUHO and NEACUHO looking to host a joint Annual Conference, I am poised to be a strong resource for both organizations as I would have an understanding and context of not only how each group operates but of their budgets and financial structures as well.  I thank you for your time in considering my candidacy for MAUCHO’s Treasurer, and I look forward to the possibility of serving the region in this capacity.  

Professional Positions:
Associate Director of Residential Life (Present; Temple University)
Assistant Director of Residence Education (July 2013-September 2019; UMass Amherst)
Associate Director of Residential Life (June 2011 – July 2013; Pace University – Pleasantville)
Assistant Director of Student Development & Campus Activities (September 2010 – June 2011; Pace University – Pleasantville)
Residence Director (July 2006 – September 2010; UMass Amherst)

Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers (NEACUHO) Involvement:
Parliamentarian (October 2018 – October 2019)
Finance Committee (November 2017 – October 2019; Chair, November 2017 – October 2018)
Treasurer (November 2017 – October 2018)
Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI) (Host Site Coordinator, 2015 and 2017)
Residential Operations Committee (June 2012 – June 2015; Chair, June 2014 – June 2015)
Strategic Plan Assessment Task Force (April 2015 – June 2015)
Metro New York District Coordinator (June 2012 – July 2013)
Strategic Plan Finance Task Force (November 2012 – June 2013)
Social Issues Committee (GLBTQA & Allies Retreat Co-Chair, June 2011 – June 2012)
Professional Development Committee (June 2011 – June 2012)
New Professional Development Committee (Chair, June 2009 – June 2011; RD2B Subcommittee, June 2007 – June 2009)
Program Committee (June 2007 – June 2011; Case Study Co-Coordinator, June 2007 – June 2009)
Web Site Review Sub-Task Force (February 2009 – May 2009)

Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) Involvement:
Program Committee (November 2015 – Present)
Skyfactor Users Group (September 2019 – Present)
Local Arrangements Committee (October 2016 – June 2017)

Candidate: LJ Morgan (He, Him, His), La Roche University 

As I reflect on my time of involvement with MACUHO, two words stand out in my mind: community and family.  These are words that I believe resonate with anyone who has been a part of MACUHO in any capacity, whether it be as an Annual Conference attendee, SSLI participant, or as a member of the MACUHO leadership.  I am honored to be a nominee for the Treasurer position.  I look forward to the opportunity to give back to my MACUHO family, and continue to strengthen relationships with my colleagues. If elected as Treasurer, I will use my knowledge and experience gained through my role as the Exhibits and Displays Coordinator, to achieve the following goals: 

  • Assess the current MACUHO budget process and further align the process with the mission of MACUHO and find ways to make the budget process more inclusive by soliciting recommendations across membership. 
  • Create and establish a financial literacy series for MACUHO membership.  This series will explore personal and professional financial literacy topics such as budgeting, personal savings, and how to read vendor contracts.
  • Engage the Director of Business Operations and their team to capitalize on the Corporate Partner Program along with Exhibits and Displays, to maximize revenue from these programs.
  • Recruit and retain an inclusive snapshot of the MACUHO Membership to engage and be active in the Financial Advisory Board.
  • Benchmark MACUHO’s current financial processes with other regions to find other potential sources of revenue and continue to strengthen the financial wellbeing of the organization.

Professional Positions:

La Roche University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life for Housing Operations; July 2018 – Present
  • Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life for Training & Development; September 2016 – July 2018
  • Coordinator of Housing and Residence Life; October 2008 – September 2016

MACUHO Leadership Roles:
Exhibits and Displays Coordinator | January 2017 – Present 
Annual Conference Host Committee Member | September 2016 – November 2016
Annual Conference Host Committee Member | October 2013 – October 2013

General MACUHO Involvement:
MACUHO Annual Conference Attendance: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009
MACUHO Summer Summit Attendance: 2020(virtually) 2019, 2018

Director of Membership Development

Candidate: Angela M. Delfine (She, Her, Hers), West Virginia University

As a candidate for the Director of Membership Development position, I recognize the importance of the recruitment and retention of MACUHO members. At this time, our largest population of MACUHO members is within the Entry-Level category. As the Director of Membership Development and former Engagement Coordinator for Graduate Level Professionals, I recognize that we have limited involvement from MACUHO graduate students in the region and I will make this a focus in the next year. It is critical that we provide professional resource access to our graduate students and help them to understand the value in connecting with a professional organization early in their careers. I would also like to work with the Engagement Coordinators to develop a few MACUHO webinars within the next two years that are specifically geared toward individual engagement levels. I also see value in categorizing our webinars based on engagement levels that would benefit from these individual webinars, similar to how we categorize conference presentations, and would work with the incoming president on this task.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Saint Vincent College in 2013 and my Master’s Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2019. I am currently in the process of applying for my Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from West Virginia University. I have served as an Engagement Coordinator for Graduate Level professionals for the past two years. I have valued this role and have worked to support and engage grads in the MACUHO region. While this has been a challenge, I value working with graduate students and want to continue to make this a focus in my next role. I have also served as a Live-in professional for the past six years and value my work in Residence Life. I have experience with a number of committees over the years, as well as with the supervision of Resident Assistant and professional staff members, which has provided me with the experience to lead a team. I have also worked diligently to balance my experiences well while putting 110% into all that I do.


MACUHO & Professional Involvement:

Engagement Coordinator for Graduate Level Professionals, 2018-2020.

·      Assisted with the coordination of a Mock Skype Interview Program for the Spring of 2020

·      Serve as a member of the 2020 Annual Conference Planning Committee

·      Serve as a member of the MACUHO 50th Anniversary Committee

·      Coordinated a graduate student social at the MAPC Conference 2019

·      Wrote a book review for our MACUHO Diversity Blog


Presented at the MACUHO 2018 and 2019 annual conferences.

·      2018- presentation on the importance of attending the vendor fair as an entry-level or graduate-level professional

·      2019- “Navigating the Challenges of an Inherited Staff”


Associates for Student Development IUP SAHE, Vice President of Professional Development, 2018-2019


West Virginia University Council for Women’s Concerns co-chair of the Wellbeing Committee, 2020-2021


Saint Mary’s College Green Dot Committee, Chair for Campus Engagement, 2015-2016



Candidate: Jocelyn Moses (She, Her, Hers), Goldey-Beacom College

Throughout my career, my professional experiences have led me to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”  I knew that I craved an opportunity that would elevate and provide a connection between all my experiences. In thinking about this, MACUHO continued to be a reoccurring theme within my professional web. 

Within my current role as Director, I stress to each student/professional that they are the beginning of a legacy and through your own personal mission and dedication you too can make a difference regardless of adversities. This same theme is a pertinent goal that I would love to reinforce within the role as Director of Membership Development. As professionals enter the MACUHO network, it is important to be met with a membership team that will engage, develop, and grow with them throughout their journey. 

My mantra for life has been founded on these three words: commitment, integrity and teamwork, each have granted me the ability to be successful in various areas in my life. I would love the opportunity to develop these themes within the area of Membership Development. I want to fully commit myself holistically to the mission of MACUHO by practicing integrity through my actions and using teamwork as the catalyst for change while serving the MACUHO community. Having the privilege to demonstrate these with elements of my experience would be an honor. “The road of life twists and turns and no two direction are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination” -Don Williams Jr. 

Related Job Positions:
Goldey-Beacom College, Wilmington, DE
•  Director, Residence and Student Life 

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
•  Residence Coordinator, Residence Life Office                                         

College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ
•  Assistant Director of Residence Life, Office of Residence Life                                       

Kean University, Union, NJ
•  Residence Hall Director, Office of Residence Life                             

Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ
•  Resident Area Director, Office of Residential Education and Housing  

MACUHO Experiences:
•  Current Role- Senior Housing Officer Engagement Coordinator 
•  Served as a Regional Coordinator for New Jersey 
•  Served on various host committees for NJCORE both Winter and Summer drive-ins.
•  Mentor and Support Housing Professionals through their Higher Education journey.
•  Currently provide professional development for housing professionals within the region. (Bloomfield College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Caldwell University & Goldey-Beacom College) 



Director of Technology Initiatives



Candidate: Amanda Slichter (She, Her, Hers), Kutztown University

Hello, MACUHO family! My name is Amanda Slichter and I am an Assistant Director of Residence Life at Kutztown University in PA. Last November, I was appointed to the Director of Technology Initiatives position due to a vacancy left by the Annual Conference elections process. Over the past 11 months, I have developed a passion for this role and hope to continue my progress if given your vote to finish my term. So why keep me around? Serving on the Executive Board is my way of giving back to the organization that sparked my love of our profession. I have MACUHO to thank for my career! As an undergraduate VIP student at the 2012 Annual Conference, I immediately connected with this organization and was in awe of its leadership. I was a loyal ResLifer and MACUHO conference attendee ever since— from Annual Conferences, to SSLIs, to Summer Summits, to Social Justice Symposiums. After eight years of involvement with MACUHO, I am just as impressed by our membership as I was on day one. 

My career began as a Resident Director at Salisbury University while I obtained my M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. After graduate school, I accepted a position as an Assistant Director of Residence Life at Lehigh University. Shortly after starting at LU, I added on a collateral assignment as the Training & Education Coordinator for the university's Pride Center. After four years there, I transitioned into the role of Assistant Director of Residence Life at Kutztown University in 2019 and am now a proud Golden Bear!

With all of those transitions, MACUHO was, and continues to be, the cornerstone of my professional life. Although learning how to manage and improve our website has been a key piece of the Director of Technology role over the past year, I have also made a commitment to serving outside of that capacity. I have advocated for the accessibility of our membership, contributed to our strategic planning efforts, and collaborated with members on tangible anti-racism initiatives. If elected, I will continue to serve the association with my fullest level of dedication.

MACUHO Executive Board & Leadership Council Positions:

Director of Technology Initiatives (November 2019 – present)

• Responded to website contact forms, membership requests, and other backend communication on a regular basis
• Designed new layout of website tabs for more intuitive navigation
• Consulted with three direct reports on the Leadership Council to best plan for their transitions, advocate for their functional needs, and update their position descriptions
• Contributed to the overall growth of the organization by providing feedback on the strategic plan, regularly attending executive board meetings, bringing colleagues to MACUHO events, writing MACUHO Magazine articles each year, and facilitating MACUHO Webinars
• Assisted with the formation of the White Accountability Group and an Anti-Racism Resources Page
• Regularly create and update custom forms and pages for the website
• Co-drafted a new mission and vision statement for MACUHO
• Continued benchmarking website host platforms to explore more affordable directory, communication, event management, and website management tools
• Participated in ongoing conversations with ACUHO-I to explore technology partnerships

MACUHO Diversity Committee Co-Chair (Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2019)

• Organized, executed, and assessed the Social Justice Symposium
• Received 94% positive feedback from Symposium attendees
• Managed MACUHO’s monthly social justice blog by consistently publishing regional submissions (16 consecutive months saw at least one post)
• Updated the committee’s mission statement, promotional materials, goals, and budget
• Created Affinity Groups for historically marginalized identities alongside Nailah Brown
• Scheduled, planned, and facilitated monthly, web-based committee conference calls with members on a regular basis to involve new members
• Advised MACUHO on best practices to advance justice and equity in our roles
• Wrote a detailed transition document regarding the position’s processes and responsibilities for the incoming co-chair 

Selected for a MACUHO Experience:

MACUHO Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI) May 29-31, 2019
MACUHO Pierce Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) November 2012

MACUHO Presentations & Publications:

Slichter, A. (2020). Intersectionality: What Black feminism intended to be so much more than a watered-down buzzword. MACUHO Webinar Series, August.
Slichter, A. (2020). Mental Health Inclusion: Students and Professionals Need More Than Your Awareness. MACUHO Winter 2020 Magazine
Soisson, K. and Slichter, A. (2020). Allyship Alongside Transgender Identities. MACUHO Webinar Series, February.
Slichter, A. (2019). Allyship Alongside Asexual Identities. Presented at the Student Staff Live-In Conference, Baltimore, Maryland
Slichter, A. (2018). Allyship Alongside Asexual Communities. MACUHO Winter 2018 Magazine
Slichter, A. (2017). Allyship Alongside BPFQ and Asexual Communities. Presented at the MACUHO Annual Conference, College Park, Maryland
Slichter, A. (2017). Navigating Accountability in our Allyship Journeys. MACUHO Diversity Blog
Slichter, A. (2017). Stretching through the Mental Health Marathon. MACUHO Diversity Blog
Sardik, A., Slichter, A., Stephens, C. (2016). Spreading the Wealth: Expanding and Diversifying Community Options. Presented at the MACUHO Annual Conference, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Slichter, A. (2013). So You Want to Be a Resident Director?. Presented at the Student Staff Live-In Conference, Salisbury, Maryland

MACUHO Awards:

MACUHO Annual Conference: Top Ten Programs Award (Nov. 2016)
MACUHO Annual Conference: First Place, New Professional Case Study Competition (Nov. 2015)



Candidate: Steven Couras (He/Him/His), Curtis Institute of Music

Hello MACUHO family! My name is Steven Couras (he/him/his) and I’m currently the Director of Residence Life at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. In my current role, I have the pleasure of leading and managing all aspects of our residence life department and most recently I was appointed to serve as one of three who will manage our newly formed Ombuds Office. 

After almost 10 years of service to our field and MACUHO (you can see some of my past roles below) I would love to take the next step and work at the Executive Board level where I can continue to dedicate time and commitment to helping our organization and field grow and develop, especially now during these new and challenging times. 

My first 3 goals right off the bat are simple and direct but important: continue the amazing work and ideas our previous Directors of Technology Initiatives started, look at new and innovative ways we can utilize technology to serve our members and institutions and expand the MACUHO outreach and message with a focus on our mission. Finally, if elected to this role, I will continue to make sure MACUHO is always an inclusive, welcoming, and inviting organization and space for all our professionals – undergrad student staff, graduate student staff as well as new, mid and senior level professionals. 

In closing, I would be honored to serve MACUHO in this role and give back to an organization that has given so much to me over the years.

Montclair State University: M.A.                                                                                  
Stockton University B.A.       

MACUHO Experience:
MACUHO -Atlantic City Conference Tri-Host Chair (2017-2019). 
MACUHO Social Media Coordinator (Fall 2014 – Fall 2017). 
•   MACUHO Summer Summit 2016 Host Chair. 
MACUHO Summer Summit 2015 Host Chair.
•   MACUHO Recognition Education & Connection Committee (REC) Co-Chair (Spring 2012 – Fall 2014). 

Other professional organizations, development and trainings:  
Frequent presenter at NASPA, ACUHO-I, Kappa Sigma, MACUHO, SSLI and NJCORE conferences and virtual meetings. 
ACUHO-I Membership Committee Member (present). 
•   NASPA 2018 Region II Mid-Managers Institute (MMI) participant (June 2018). 
Rho Alpha Sigma National RA Honor Society: Director of Operations (Fall 2014 – Fall 2017). 
Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Civil Rights Investigator Training Certification. 
Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Title IX Investigator Training Certification
One Love Foundation: Escalation Facilitator Training. 


Candidate: Brian M Pluchino (He, Him, His), Stockton University

I declare my candidacy and believe I would serve MACUHO well in the position of Director of Technology Initiatives. Since working in Residential Life, and Higher Education as a whole, I have had the responsibilities of technology initiatives in every single professional stop since 2008. Whether it was building software databases from the ground up, editing websites, or finding myself with a multitude of questionable band aided procedures, I have found that technology has found itself in my job description. If provided the opportunity to serve you in this position, I would aim to accomplish three things. First, I would look identify the positive things currently being done, learning those, and keeping them moving forward. Secondly, I would aim, where applicable, to get your insights and suggestions to make improvements within whichever systemic operations could be upgraded or improved. Lastly, and for me, the most important one, look to get your assistance! I believe that end users are the most important piece to any good technology map. The biggest advantage to this position is that, unlike all our current rolls, the end user isn’t a new student or cause for concern parental figure; it is the professionals that we call our residential siblings. You are all resources too great in value to not be interacted with. Regardless of the outcome, I appreciate the opportunity to once more remember that MACUHO isn’t about the work, it’s about the people doing it.


Qualifying Material:

·      Assistant Director: current

Learn/Build/manage scheduling software (Time Tap) for emergency social distancing check in/out

Annual co‐production of residential renewal session videos


  Database management

  Head of team to move Client to Portal X

·      Study Abroad Advisor: past

Create from ground up Terra Dotta database, software build for all study abroad travel

·      Prospect Researcher/Web Master: past

Designed and Launched 124 web pages for 3 websites for Foundation, Alumni, and Development


Previous Additional Curricular Activity:

·       MACUHO Activity: 2017‐present

MACUHO Annual Conference Attendance: 2017, 2018, 2019

2019 MACUHO Annual Conference Tri‐Chair

·       Relay for Life Advisor: 2013‐present

Overseen planning of 7 annual events, raising over $237,000 for cancer research

·       Circle K International Advisor: 2008‐present

Serve as advisor to approximately 40‐50 students annually for guidance on volunteerism, leadership building, training, technology, etc.

  Overseen approximately 40,000 hours of service

Conference assistance/presenting

  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

International Conference: 2014; presented on building strong communal ties through service

NJ Advisor of the Year: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2020

Governor Support Award, 2020

Donald J. Cox Circle of Service Society Recipient, 2019

Carthage Pullman Society Inductee, 2012




Director of Annual Programs 

Candidate: Carey E. Haddock (She, Her, Hers), Delaware Valley University

MACUHO is more than a professional organization, it has become my professional family. I am honored to have an opportunity to run for the Director of Annual Programs Position for a second term. I have been a member of MACUHO since 2008 and am excited to give back to an organization that has connected me with many remarkable individuals and opportunities. Through this organization, I gain an opportunity to mentor young professionals, make amazing connections, and find a place where I can make a difference.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Annual Programs and previously served as the co-chair for MAPC. Additionally, in 2010 and 2013, I had the opportunity to host SSLI. I believe through these opportunities, I have gained the experience and knowledge which will prepare me for the Director position. By leading these conferences, I understand the time and energy required and promise to support the chairs however needed.

In my second term as the Director of Annual Programs, I will continue to provide opportunities for both professional staff and student staff learn, connect, and grow through our annual programs. Additionally, I will connect with other executive board members to provide opportunities to link with new and current members together through conferences and networking.

During these uncertain times, I believe it is essential for MACUHO members to stay connected and aware of the evolving changes on campuses across the country. My main priority for this position is to ensure we are providing equitable opportunities for all individuals in our region. Furthermore, establishing annual programs that send a clear message of allyship and anti-racism is essential for this position.

I will continue to provide support to our long-standing annual programs while striving for progression. Through these annual programs, I hope to provide an atmosphere of mentorship and professional development for our current members while welcoming all new members. Additionally, my focus will be to align these programs to our organizations strategic plan and to support the mission of the organization. I believe by doing this, we will be a more fluid and efficient organization allowing us to better support all our members.

Professional Residence Life Experience:
• Director of Residence Life and Housing, Delaware Valley University, January 2019-present
• Assistant Director of Operations, Delaware Valley University, August 2017- January 2019
• Program Coordinator for Student Conduct, Temple University, December 2015-August 2017
• Interim Assistant Dean of Students, Temple University, June 2016-February 2017
• Assistant Director for Residence Life, Salisbury University, June 2012- November 2015
• Resident Director, Temple University, July 2008- June 2012

Education Background:
• Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership, Temple University, Spring 2015-Spring 2017
• Master of Science, College Student Personnel, Bucknell University (PA), 2009
• Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Minor in Business, Shippensburg University (PA), 2005

MACUHO Involvement:
• Director of Annual Programs, 2018-Present
• Co-Chair, Mid-Atlantic Placement Conference (MAPC), 2017- 2018
• MACUHO Member, 2008-2015, 2017-Present
• Mentor, Lisa Pierce VIP Program, 2017
• MACUHO Conference Attendee, 2010, 2011, 2017
• CO-Chair, Student Staff Live-In Conference (SSLI), 2013
• Member, MACUHO REC Committee, 2011-2015
• Member, MACUHO Diversity Committee, 2011-2013
• Planning Committee, Student Staff Live-In Conference (SSLI), 2010

Other Professional Experience/Involvement:
• ACUHO-I Member, 2017-Present
• Association for Student Conduct Administration Conference (ASCA), 2017
• NCHERM Hazing Investigation Training, 2016
• Planning Committee, NCHERM Risk Management Conference, 2016
• Gehring Academy- Mary Beth Mackin Foundations of Professional Practice Track, 2016
• Rho Alpha Sigma, Creator and Chapter Advisor, Salisbury University 2015
• ACUHO-I LLC Conference, 2014
• NASPA Planning Committee, Opening Reception, 2011
• PCPA Planning Committee, 2010

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